Putting the Munch in Munchtime

We're very excited to have Aayush Lilaramani joining our team as an iOS developer for the summer. He has been instrumental in building out some of the core functions of our application and shares his experience on the work culture at Munchtime. Aayush is an eager beaver, and since graduating from IIT with his Masters he's been getting his hands dirty with challenges that force him to continue learning. Here's more about Aayush:

What is your role at Munchtime and how will you be contributing?

I am working as an iOS Application Developer at Munchtime. My role involves shaping Munchtime’s mobile environment experience by writing, testing,and modifying Swift code along with adding required functionality based on discussions and feedback given by the team.


What is it like working at Munchtime and how would you describe the company culture?

Working at Munchtime has been a thrilling adventure for me. I joined the team when the world was suffering through Pandemic, but the on-boarding process was very smooth. The team is extremely supportive, and we have several video conferences which gave me an opportunity to clarify all my queries (sometimes silly doubts :P) and helped me understand the vision behind the product.

All in all, it is a cool place to work where feedback is always welcome, and you can spend good times with teammates while enjoying free lunch on Fridays :-D

How has being at Munchtime challenged you to grow or think in new ways?

I was new to the startup environment and was new to iOS when I joined the team. I was not sure what to expect and joined with an open mind to learn and see where I can go from here. I was excited to see that the team showed confidence in me right from the beginning and assigned me high priority tasks. This motivated me to roll up my sleeves, push myself harder and pick up the required skill set quickly and start delivering what was expected. Soon enough I started enjoying the tasks and discussions with the team that it didn’t seem like “work” anymore. 

Each day at Munchtime is a new challenge and brings opportunity to learn something new. Being a startup, things can change quickly and one thing I have learned is to be flexible and adapt to change. Also taking ownership of the features that I developed, putting that extra mile in perfecting the details so that the app feels natural and organic is something I have learned here at Munchtime. 

Would you encourage others to join Munchtime?

For anyone looking to learn something new daily, and those brave enough to dive deep into details and ensure the best quality in terms of user experience I would highly encourage you to come and join us at Munchtime and be a part of the team that is working towards bringing the world closer, one meal at a time. 

What excites you about the future of the business? What are some things you look forward to being a part of.

I am a firm believer in the power of technology and how it shapes social interactions. Especially in the current times when the world is fighting a pandemic, it is the technology that has helped bring everyone together at work, schools and at home. I feel Munchtime is a step in this direction and will provide a platform for people with similar interests to come together and have meaningful interactions. I am positive that this will be something a lot of customers would be looking forward to in the coming days.


As for me personally I enjoy being part of a team working on bringing fresh change and bringing the world closer. I am excited about being part of such a social networking platform and in future would love to be involved in conceiving and architecting new features that make the user experience better. 


Lastly, what's your LinkedIn or portfolio so people can connect with you?

I love connecting with new people and having conversation be it about career, exciting new technology and obviously food :-P 

My LinkedIn is : www.linkedin.com/in/aayush-lilaramani/