THE mission

friendship wins

While dating apps are great, we're focused on friendship. Our application brings groups of strangers together over meals so everyone has a chance to share stories and build connections.

support local

Rest easy knowing that we don't charge restaurants fees for your business. This way, more of your dollars go directly to helping local restaurants recover and grow.

make exploring fun

We plan on providing you with deals and discounts to extend your experiences after you've left the dinner table so you always have a reason to stick around for dessert.


All our group reservations are held in public spaces where social distancing and health measures are enforced. You can always feel safe knowing your private event details are only shared with approve guests.


Social interaction doesn't come to everyone naturally. Our application helps you break the ice with people that share common interests and goals. Putting yourself out there has never been easier.


Our application makes it easy to sync your calendar and find the time slots that work for you whenever you want to learn, grow or work.

Building for the future

We envision a future where technology empowers individuals instead of holding them hostage. At Munchtime, we're dedicated to using the latest advances in blockchain and machine learning for the purpose of enabling meaningful human interaction.

  • Our database is built for better local discovery
  • Blockchain provides anonymity to protect user data
  • We encourage a cookie-less future for advertising
  • We're easy to work with, diverse, and socially responsible

How it works

Create an invitation or join a table near you. Share a meal with a group of people from your neighborhood that share your common interests.

That's it!



I love sharing food with people and now Munchtime allows me to make friends everywhere I go!

Derek K.

At first I thought it was a novel concept, until I realized I could use this for my own book club - I've made so many new friends!

Susan J.

Its simple, easy to use and makes planning lunches easy during busy work days. I appreciate having a break to re-energize.

Tiffany P.


Font-End iOS Engineer

Join our development team and help us create the best version of Munchtime for iOS!

Content Creator

Make Munchtime the brand that loves it's users, in addition to the other way around.

Anrdoid Developer

Build out Munchtime for Android so everyone can enjoy our product.

Product Advocate

Be the internal advocate for our users and lead the charge on our path to success.

Advertising Sales

Help roadmap the creation of our ad platform for small businesses.

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