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If you pay for rent, why are you paying for foot traffic? We're bringing an end to the days of free appetizers and coupon codes. It's time we made technology work for you.


No more complicated search rankings or advertising jargon. We're built to have your food be center stage. Our platform helps you build loyalty the right way, organically.


We understand the hard work you put into your business. We want to make tools that enable you to grow and succeed, with you, not at your expense.

How it works

Our platform helps build your digital presence where food is at the center stage.

We surface your establishment to users based off current location and a user's food search criteria - that's it!

Profiles of your business showcase your establishment and the vibe that users are more keen to look for when scheduling a chat so we encourage you to fill it out thoroughly.

After that, we send you and your team the leads from our platform so you know who and when to expect guests.

By helping you focus on what you do best and working with you to stay flexible, our goal is to help you rise above rankings and vanity metrics and become the local hot spot for the right kinds of food and conversation.

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