The Face Behind Our iOS Application

We're truly lucky to have some amazing folks join our team this summer to help us develop our application. One of those individuals deserves a special mention for her tenacity and ability to take on multiple projects, while crushing expectations. Harika Jetti is joining us after the completion of her Masters degree from IIT. Here's more about Harika!

What is your role at Munchtime and how will you be contributing?

I’m working as the lead iOS Application developer at Munchtime. I’ve been working on building front end and back-end for Munchtime in iOS. I coordinate with the team and help to submit the builds.

How big of a foodie are you? What do you like about sharing meals with friends?

When I was a child, I used to share lunch with my friends at school and I used to taste a bunch of different food items. Lunch break was the favorite part of the day. My interest to try different cuisines grew with my age and every time I get that chance I also learn about the backstory of the dish which helped gain a better insight about different cultures and I was also able to make more friends. When I go to a new place, I can’t wait to try food which is famous there. Tasty food can uplift my mood and can give me a boost! I also feel that good food can bring people together!!


How do you think Munchtime is changing the way we look at restaurants and networking?

I personally love networking because when I need some help while doing some stuff I know people who have similar interests and I can ask them for help. But, getting to know strangers that too whose interests match with yours is a kind of difficult task. Munchtime solves this problem and it also gives a good start place (restaurant) to get people to connect with each other. So, when I make a reservation through Munchtime I will be more excited as I’m gonna meet people whom I never met and we are going to talk about my interests over my favorite food. How cool is that!

What are your career goals and what excites you about this opportunity to advance that goal?

I’m fascinated about working in a startup environment because it gives me a chance to learn a lot. My long term goal is to become an entrepreneur. So, I feel working at Munchtime is helping me in training myself to achieve my goal.

Tell us about a positive experience you had with food and strangers.

It was the time when I was preparing to come to the U.S for my master's degree, I had two choices and I was unable to choose which college to select. I liked both of them. I was listing out the pros and cons of both of them while sipping my Hot chocolate at Coffee Day. Then this girl enters, gets her order, and sits beside my table. We exchanged eye contact. After a few minutes, she looked at the college brochures in my hand and told me she knew someone who graduated from that place and had a rewarding experience.

We introduced ourselves and I found out that our career paths were very similar. She helped me pick my choice and indeed I loved my college and I made amazing friends over there and overall, I had a great experience with many sweet memories!! I am still friends with that girl, and we give each other advice and be a good person to talk to!!

Her order was also Hot Chocolate!!

And lastly, what's your Linkedin so people can try to poach you?

About Munchtime:

Munchtime brings the world closer together one meal at a time. We are a platform for enhancing human connection through better social discovery. We believe in a future fueled by collaboration and storytelling, and we’re at the forefront of providing the tools to make that happen - all while uplifting local economies. Our technical and business advisors represent Fortune 500 companies in ad-tech, hospitality and retail. Our growing team, local government and restaurant partners reflect our diverse approach and grassroots model for sustainable growth. We’re located in Naperville, IL. To lean more, visit us at