Leading Our Expansion into Android

Munchtime has been expanding at a break-neck pace in 2020 and we're definitely not stopping any time soon! We have continued to scale our team and now have dedicated resources to build out our Android counterpart to the Munchtime iOS application. Our Android team is being led by Gandhali Khedlekar, a current Masters candidate at IIT with impeccable front-end experience. Here's more about her:

Tell us about yourself! What is your role at Munchtime and how will you be contributing?

Hi, I am Gandhali Khedlekar. I was born and brought up in India. I am a passionate graduate student at Illinois Tech pursuing my Master's degree in Computer Science. As a Computer Engineer and Kathak Visharad (Bachelor's in Kathak dance), I got to follow my academic and vocational passions simultaneously. I started my professional journey by being positioned as a Software Engineer at Tech Mahindra Ltd for two years which led me to aspire for my Masters. I am passionate about music and in my spare time, I also love to immerse myself into exploring beautiful culture of new places, sketch, paint and try different cuisines.


What is your role at Munchtime and how will you be contributing?

I am working as the Lead Android Developer at Munchtime. I am working on developing the front-end and back-end of the application in Android. I collaborate with the team and participate in brainstorming sessions to implement innovative features, ensure consistency in the look and feel of the application and troubleshoot edge cases to enhance other aspects of our development roadmap.


How important is having an android application for the future of Munchtime?

Mobile applications are fast becoming the dominant spaces for digital interaction. They have become virtual assistants, connecting businesses to the audiences 24/7. Android phones are selling off the shelves like crazy and the Android app ecosystem is diverse. It's adoption has changed global culture and Android itself maintains the largest market share of mobile devices in the market - growing unprecedentedly. Pursuing the development of an Android application is an awesome decision and an excellent choice to expand reach in global markets.

Not only that, but Android features an open platform for development - releasing ground-breaking apps every year. It surfaces innovative ideas and trends that represent the future of digital tools. Android has the potential to build applications with powerful, customized features which makes it a preferred choice among users globally. Thus, I feel that with an android app, Munchtime can easily be at the forefront of the market.


What are some cool things you hope to learn on your journey with Munchtime?

Munchtime offers an innovative and customer-centric solution to integrate technology with businesses. At this wonderful crossroad of my life, it has helped me to enhance my abilities such as efficiency, accuracy and time management while meeting clients’ requirements. I have learnt to manage diverse tasks effectively. This experience is replete with profound understanding of the marketplace in which a business operates and what it is that makes a business successful. Having an open-door policy, daily scrum meetings and weekly presentations have facilitated developing a versatile skillset along with effective communication skills. Last but not least, people are an asset for any business, and Munchtime has been built from the capacity to form successful relationships.


What drew you to Munchtime? What did you know about the business and how did that influence you to want to be a part of the team?

It's a unique and fulfilling experience to help build something new and be a part of its growth from the very beginning. Being a huge foodie at heart, I was amazed and excited when I got to know that my role is to build an application for people coming together over food. Munchtime is a great place to hone my existing skills, gain experiences in many functional areas and handle a ton of responsibilities. Working with Munchtime is like working in a closely-knit family where you can be recognized. After getting to know the work culture and an amazing idea behind this start-up, I felt that this is the place I am looking for. Working in a start-up is helping me strengthen my team-playing abilities, self-sufficiency, developing social skillset and giving an exposure to the intricacies of entire business operation. A constantly innovating, dynamic, interactive and fast evolving environment at Munchtime is an open learning hub where one can benefit with work ethic of seasoned industry professionals without any formal barriers. This opportunity has indeed provided me an unwavering pathway to figure out what I am best at and confidence excelling in it.


How do you believe Munchtime can help you achieve your own life goals?

My professional work tenure has been a great learning curve so far. It’s not just academic and professional advancement that I am aiming for but also holistic development and enrichment. I aspire to hone my skills and enhance my cognizance through this incisive internship experience. This experience is replete with ability to channelize and concentrate my energies in the pursuits that have been close to my heart. Apart from developing a versatile skillset, this experience has infused me with great vigor, renewed confidence and remarkable capability to manage and balance different things efficiently and effectively. For long term, I aspire to hone my leadership, administrative, managerial capabilities and enhance several aspects of my personality in order to achieve my goals.


We are so happy to hear that! What's your Linkedin or portfolio so people can connect with you?


About Munchtime:

Munchtime brings the world closer together one meal at a time. We are a platform for enhancing human connection through better social discovery. We believe in a future fueled by collaboration and storytelling, and we’re at the forefront of providing the tools to make that happen - all while uplifting local economies. Our technical and business advisors represent Fortune 500 companies in ad-tech, hospitality and retail. Our growing team, local government and restaurant partners reflect our diverse approach and grassroots model for sustainable growth. We’re located in Naperville, IL. To lean more, visit us at www.munchtime.co.